Welcome to Lordran & Beyond, the on-going Dark Souls web comic!
This project is crowd-funded by dozens of wonderful supporters, and is brought to life by a growing team of amazing artists! The mission with Lordran & Beyond is to deliver professional-quality material that Souls fans can be proud of. Although the comic is free for all to read, it relies on the incredibly generous fans to keep it moving forward.

May 18th UPDATE: L&B’s first Dark Souls III comic is up!
May 4th UPDATE:
New Abyss Watchers wallpaper by WitnessTheAbsurd!
April 20th UPDATE:
Strident Bell finale drawn by Veitstanz!
April 13th UPDATE:
Secondary reward wallpaper for April featuring Ringfinger Leonhard!




If you’d like, you can read¬†the current collection of stories, check up on the creators, or visit the Patreon to pitch in!
If you have any questions, I can be reached at zachsharpe@lordranandbeyond.com.

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