April Fools 2016: Ask Solaire!

April Fools responses drawn by d3dans, written by Zach Sharpe!


With all the Sun praising you partake in, do you use some magnificent sunscreen lotion to keep your skin perfect?

“Sunscreen!? What sort of heathen would dare use such a thing? I need only the golden rays of sunlight to maintain my complexion!”

If there were two guys on the moon and one killed the other with a rock would that be f***ed up or what
i got red on me
“Uh, ahem, yes. Th-that would be most assuredly ‘effed up’.”

Who’s your favorite knight in Lordran?

n-no ofc not...“Um, well, I think that would be Sir Hawkeye Gough. He’s quite mild-mannered and is an excellent listener; one time he even offered my head an affectionate pat! Me! A mere Warrior of Sunlight! Though hands his size tend to generate quite a lot of static electricity.” 

What’s the most uncomfortable experience you’ve had when co-oping with a fellow Warrior of Sunlight?

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Are you aware that the sun will die in a time span that short relative to the actual life span of existence?
say that to my face not online see what happens
“I don’t know whatever puny sun your world rotates around but my sun is invincible.”

What’s the green cape made out of? Grass? Feathers? A really worn out green carpet? I can’t just keep drawing a mystery green thing, it’s tearing me apart.
“The tag at the store said astroturf.

Solaire, one time you and I were keeping it real, fighting O&S, and Smough’s hammer literally hit you so hard you clipped through the floor, but didn’t die
Where did you end up?

“I found myself trapped in a tiny space only this big. It was very dark, with nary a sunbeam in sight.

Death would have been easier.

Mistah Solaire, where did that feather in your helm come from? :O
Capture“I was sight-seeing in a lovely city overseas, and happened upon a gentleman with the finest hat I’ve ever seen! I simply could not help myself…”

Sir Solaire, is it true you met an undead who was interested in a relationship with you?

“Hmm, well there was one undead warrior I’ve met in my travels I had taken something of a liking to, and-

Bah, there’s simply no chance they would ever feel the same!”

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